AMX 13 75

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AMX 13 75

France Light Tank Tier VII
Battle Tiers
Cost 1,345,000  Credits
Hitpoints 900900 HP
Weight/Load Limit 14.6/14.6515.2/16.35 t
Commander (Radio Operator, Loader)
Gunner (Loader)
Engine Power 250300 hp
Speed Limit 61 km/h
Traverse 3840 deg/s
Pivot NoNo
Hull Armor 40/20/15 mm
Turret Armor40/15/040/15/0 mm
Damage 83-138101-169 HP
Penetration 81-135108-180 mm
Rate of Fire 53.75 r/m
Accuracy 0.420.36 m
Aim time 2.32.3 s
Turret Traverse 4646 deg/s
Gun Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -6°/+9°-6°/+9°
Ammo Capacity 4236 rounds
Chance of Fire 2015 %
View Range 390390 m
Signal Range 400750 m
Parent Contour-France-AMX 12t.png
Contour-France-AMX 13 90.png113,000 XP
TR-France-AMX 13 75.jpg
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France-AMX 13 75.png

The AMX 13 75 is a French tier 7 light tank.

Development was started in 1946. The vehicle was mass-produced from 1952 through 1964 in France, and until 1985 in Argentina. The tank has been exported to many countries and is still in service in some countries of Asia and South America.

The tank has a decent top-end gun and good dynamic performance. The magazine reload is also better than its predecessor. Something to note is that the gun depression of the AMX 13 75 (and AMX 13 90 in extension) is much better than the AMX 12t's. It's gun elevation, however, is even worse.

The AMX 13 75 is not your typical light tank to play. It gets put in matches with tanks ranging from tier VI to tier X. The best way to play it is to let others go ahead, and when they make contact go and support where you can. Due to its speed, the AMX 13 75 can easily move between engagements, deliver 6 rounds, and then retreat while reloading.

The AMX 13 75 leads to the AMX 13 90.


TierNameArmorTraverse SpeedTraverse ArcView RangeXP CostPriceWeight
05V FL10 0040 40/20/20 mm
46@133% skill: 50deg/s
46@133% skill: 50deg/s
390@133% skill: 434m
390@133% skill: 434m
0------ 0--- 2,900 2,900 kg
Guns compatible with this Turret:
TierNameAmmoDamagePenetrationRate of FireAccuracyAim TimeElevationXP CostPriceWeight
05V 75 mm SA49 L48 42 110/110/175 HP 108/148/38 mm
16.36@133% skill: 17.59
Burst Length: 1 round
Magazine Size: 6 rounds
Magazine RoF: 33 r/m
Magazine Reload Time: 13 s

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0.42@133% skill: 0.37m
2.5@133% skill: 2.19s

Front: -6°/+9°
Sides: -6°/+9°

Rear: -8°/+6°
--- 35,64035,640 Credits.png 1,520 1,520 kg
06VI 75 mm SA50 36 135/135/175 HP 144/202/38 mm
12.86@133% skill: 13.85
Burst Length: 1 round
Magazine Size: 6 rounds
Magazine RoF: 27 r/m
Magazine Reload Time: 17 s

Click here for more information on this type of gun.
0.36@133% skill: 0.32m
2.5@133% skill: 2.19s

Front: -6°/+9°
Sides: -6°/+9°

Rear: -6°/+6°
5,820 64,20064,200 Credits.png 1,740 1,740 kg

TierNamePowerFire ChanceTypeXP CostPriceWeight
05V SOFAM 8Gxb 0250 250 hp 020 20 % Gasoline --- 16,00016,000 Credits.png 0400 400 kg
06VI 6F11SRY 0280 280 hp 015 15 % Diesel 1,300 19,50019,500 Credits.png 0400 400 kg
07VII Detroit Diesel 6V53T 0300 300 hp 015 15 % Diesel 5,000 27,00027,000 Credits.png 0770 770 kg

TierNameLoad LimitTraverse SpeedXP CostPriceWeight
05V AMX 13 75A 14.6514.65 t 03838 d/s ------ 7,3507,350 Credits.png 1,500 1,500 kg
06VI AMX 13 75B 16.3516.35 t 04040 d/s 5,1405,140 16,25016,250 Credits.png 1,500 1,500 kg

TierNameRangeXP CostPriceWeight
06VI SCR 508
400@133% skill: 457m
400@133% skill: 457m
0--- --- 21,60021,600 Credits.png 0100 100 kg
10X SCR 528F
750@133% skill: 857m
750@133% skill: 857m
9,000 9,000 54,00054,000 Credits.png 0080 80 kg

Historical Info

AMX 13

The AMX-13 is a French light tank produced from 1953 to 1985 (The AMX 13 75 version was produced until 1966.). It served with the French Army and was exported to over twenty-five other nations. Named after its initial weight of 13 tonnes, and featuring a tough and reliable chassis, it was fitted with an oscillating turret built by GIAT Industries (now Nexter) with revolver type magazines which was also used on the Austrian SK-105 Kürassier. Including prototypes and export versions there are over a hundred variants including self-propelled gun, anti-aircraft systems, APCs, and ATGM versions. Sporting a modified version of the Panther's 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 gun with dual 6 round autoloading magazines, it allowed a quick succession of shots. However, it could not be reloaded from within the vehicle and required disengaging from contact, finding cover for the crew to dismount and reload, then re-engaging the enemy. Total production of the AMX-13 family is approximately 7,700 units, around 3,400 of which were exported.

Tibits - The turret of the AMX 13 75 was mounted onto some Shermans to help augment their firepower

Design and Features

The tank was designed at the Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux in 1946 to meet a requirement for an air-portable vehicle to support paratroopers, the first prototype ran from 1948. The compact chassis had torsion bar suspension with five road-wheels and two return rollers; the engine runs the length of the tank on the right side with the driver on the left. It features an uncommon two-part oscillating turret where the gun is fixed to the turret and the entire upper turret changes elevation. The turret is set to the rear of the vehicle and holds the commander and gunner. The original 75 mm gun, allegedly modelled on the German 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 gun (used, among others, in the Panther tank) but firing very different ammunition from a shorter barrel, was fed with an automatic loading system in two six-round magazines located in the turret's bustle. The twelve rounds available in the loaders meant that the crew could engage targets quickly, however once those rounds were expended the vehicle had to retreat to cover and the crew reload them from outside the vehicle. Production began at ARE (Atelier de Construction Roanne) from 1952, with the first tanks delivered the following year. In 1964 production was transferred to Creusot-Loire at Chalon-sur-Saône, as the ARE moved to building the AMX 30 MBT, and the numbers produced declined significantly.

Additional Characteristics

  • Ground clearance: 370 mm (15 in)
  • Fording: 600 mm (24 in)
  • Vertical obstacle 650 mm (26 in)
  • Trench: 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in)
  • Gradient 60%
  • Side slope: 60%
  • NBC system: None
  • Night vision: Optional
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